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Jinxin CUI


2019.12 – 2020.12 National University of Singapore Joint Training Ph.D. (Financial Engineering)

2018.09 – 2021.12 Fuzhou University Ph.D. in Management (Financial Engineering)

2016.09 – 2018.06 Fuzhou University Master of Finance


Working Experience:

2022- International Business School, Zhejiang Gongshang University Assistant professor


Research Interests: 

Energy Finance, Financial Risk Management, Financial Econometric Modelling, Financial Market Complexity, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Applied in Financial Engineering



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[2]Jinxin Cui, Mark Goh, Huiwen Zou. Information spillovers and dynamic dependence between Chinas energy and regional CET markets with portfolio implications: New evidence from multi-scale analysis [J]. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2021, 289: 125625.

[3]Jinxin Cui, Mark Goh, Huiwen Zou. Coherence, extreme risk spillovers, and dynamic linkages between oil and Chinas commodity futures markets [J]. Energy, 2021, 225: 120190.

[4]Jinxin Cui, Huiwen Zou. Connectedness among Economic Policy Uncertainties: Evidence from the Time and Frequency Domain Perspectives [J]. Journal of Systems Science and Information, 2020,8(05): 401-433.

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