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Wuhua CHEN


2010-2016  University of Science and Technology of China  Ph.D

2014-2015   Simon Fraser University Public joint training

2010-2012 University of Science and Technology of China Logistics engineering M.S.

2006-2010 China Jiliang University Mathematics and Applied Mathematics BA

Teaching experience:

2021– Zhejiang Gongshang University International Business School Associate professor

2016.09-2020.12 Central south university School of business lecturer

2017.12-2020.12 Central south university Postdoctoral Mobile Station for Plumbers postdoctor

Research Interests:

Service operation management, e-commerce, revenue management


(1)  Wuhua Chen, Zhe George Zhang, Xiaohong Chen*. On two-tier healthcare system under capacity constraint. International Journal of Production Research, 2020, 58(12), 3744-3764. ABS-3, SCI/SSCI, JCR-Q1

(2)  Wuhua Chen, Zhe George Zhang*, Zhongsheng Hua. Analysis of price competition in two-tier service systems. Journal of the Operational Research Society, 2019, 70(11): 1938-1950. SSCI/SCI,  ABS-3

(3)Wuhua Chen*, Zhongsheng Hua, Zhe George Zhang, Wenjie Bi. Analysis  of  Freemium  business model considering network externalities and consumer uncertainty. Journal of Systems Science and Systems Engineering, 2018, 27(1), 78-105. SCI

(4)  Zhongsheng Hua, Wuhua Chen, Zhe George Zhang*. Competition and coordination in two-tier public service systems under government fiscal policy. Production and Operations Management, 2016, 25(8): 1430-1448. UTD-24, SCI

(5)  Wuhua Chen, Zhe George Zhang*, Zhongsheng Hua. Analysis of two-tier public service systems under a government subsidy policy. Computers & Industrial Engineering, 2015, 90: 146-157. SCI, JCR-Q2