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Muhammad Ansar Majeed


2013 - 2017 Dongbei University of Finance and Economics PhD

2010 - 2012 University of the Punjab MBA

2005 - 2009 University of the Punjab BBA

Teaching experience:

2011 - 2012 Al Habib bank Customer manager, Credit Department

2012 - 2013 Lahore Leads University, Lahore, Pakistan Lecturer

2017 -  International Business School, Zhejiang Gongshang University Associate professor

Research Interests:

Financial economics


1.Muhammad Ansar Majeed & Chao Yan (2022): Financial statement comparability and stock liquidity: evidence from China, Applied Economics. Forthcoming

2.Majeed, Muhammad Ansar, Chao Yan, and Huijie Zhong (2022): Do firms manipulate earnings after winning public-private partnership bids? Evidence from China. Emerging Markets Review, 100880.

3.Majeed, Muhammad Ansar, and Chao Yan. Financial statement comparability, state ownership, and the cost of debt: Evidence from China. Research in International Business and Finance 58 (2021): 101497. 

4.Muhammad Ansar Majeed, Chao Yan, Financial Statement Comparability and Tax Avoidance, Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja 2019,Accepted.SSCI

5. Muhammad Ansar Majeed,  Chao Yan, Muhammad Zubair Tauni, How does competition shapes management  decisions: Product Market Competition and Financial Statement  Comparability, Management Decision ,2018,56(11):2437-2471.SSCI

6. Muhammad Zubair Tauni, Muhammad Ansar Majeed,  Sultan Sikandar Mirza, Salman Yousaf, Khalil Jebran, Moderating  Influence of Advisor Personality on the association between Financial  Advice and Investor Stock Trading Behavior, International Journal of Bank Marketing,2018,36(5):947-968.SSCI

7. Muhammad Ansar Majeed,  Xianzhi Zhang,Wang Zhaonan,  Product  Market Competition, Regulatory  Changes, Ownership Structure and Accounting Conservatism: Evidence from  China, Chinese Management Studies,2017,11(4):658-688.SSCI

8. Muhammad Ansar Majeed,  Xianzhi  Zhang,  Competitive  Pressure  and Managerial   Decisions:Product  Market  Competition  and  Earnings  Quality  in  China,  Chinese Management  Studies,2016,10(3):556-592.SSCI

9. Muhammad Ansar Majeed , Xianzhi Zhang, Muhammad Umar, Investment Efficiency and Cost of Equity Capital: Evidence from China,  Journal of Asia Business Studies,2018,12(2).

10. Muhammad Umar, Gang Sun, Muhammad Ansar Majeed, Bank capital and liquidity creation: Evidence of relation from India, Journal of Asia Business Studies, 2017,11(2).